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Dr. Hirani  

This place came with a recommendation from my previous chiropractor Dr. Paul Kennedy. Although similar methods, but Dr. Hirani is very intuitive once she touches your body and understands your body well. She's patient and takes time to explain and answer your questions. Dr. Hirani also gives a good massage! Definitely worth trying this place out as even the receptionist and assistant Sally is so helpful and friendly. I like the fact they are on top of things too and very on time. 

Jessica Y. 

Dear Dr. Hirani:

I wanted to thank you first of all for taking me as your patient.  I was in excruciating back and sciatic nerve pain, and I was barely able to walk, but after coming to you for my treatments your gentle healing hands got me better, and today I am able to go back to doing all the things I used to do – at work, at home and socially.

I was also having knee pain occasionally, and after having a few knee treatments done I am happy to say my knees feel much stronger.

I look forward to continuing to see you for my maintenance treatments.

Once again, Dr. Hirani, my heartfelt thanks to you for your care and understanding. Your care has encouraged me to refer other family members to you.

Monica Mukerji

I first started to see Dr. Hirani about five months or so after the birth of my son.  I was having terrible pain in my lower back – so much so that I could hardly lift my wee guy!  I had always been very nervous about adjustments and acupuncture.  After meeting with Dr. Hirani all my worries have gone away.  I’m feeling better both physically and mentally!  I now even bring my son in to see Dr. Hirani.  

Dr. Hirani is a beautiful person inside and out – and I really can’t praise her enough!

Erica Henry

I came to see Dr. Hirani after suffering through ten years of chronic shoulder and neck pain. I had seen a number of health care practitioners but only experienced temporary relief. After four visits with Dr. Hirani I am pleased to report that my pain is almost gone, and I am able to do everyday activities that I love like Salsa Dancing again!  For the first time in ten years I feel like I can do the things that I love and not feel pain or suffer afterwards for staying active or having fun.  

Thanks Dr. Hirani for helping me get my life back!  Your treatment has helped my body and soul. 


I just want to say that Dr. Hirani is the best chiropractor ever, and I’ve had some good ones.  

I’ve never had a chiropractor put so much into a treatment.  She’s a great doctor and person – really nice and you can see she has passion for her work. 


“God Put Her Hands in Dr. Hirani’s Hands”  

Gladys Amaya, Big Carrot Staff

I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for over 20 years.  During this period of time I’ve received treatment from numerous chiropractors.  All of (them) have struggled with the adjustment of my neck and back.  Dr. H, you’re the first to adjust me on my numerous visits with you effortlessly.  But most of all you give me the pain free solace I’ve been seeking.

Barbara Cole

I was desperate for pain relief in my neck and took a chance and walked into body + spine.  Dr. Hirani took me right in.  As an acupuncturist myself and also having had many chiropractic treatments,  her treatment was amazing!!  Dr. Hirani exudes calmness, clarity in explaining what she's going to do and a "gentle strength" in her technique.  I'm doing a "Boot Camp" with her and feeling like a new woman! Thank You!  

Noel Wright, MSD.Ac

I started seeing Dr. Hirani during my 5th month of pregnancy - my lower back pain forced me to take some time off work and I could barely move, sit, lie down, walk down/up stairs without yelping in pain. Being only in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy I worried that it would only worsen. Within 3 treatments of seeing Dr. Hirani for chiropractic and acupuncture treatment the pain had almost disappeared - within 5 it had completely disappeared and now I only have to go for maintenance. Although I had tried chiropractic before I had never had acupuncture and the combination of both yielded amazing results. I am so thankful to Dr. Hirani for helping me heal and now the rest of my pregnancy doesn't seem as daunting. Thank you so much. Also - thanks to Mattie for being so kind and welcoming, with a friendly hello and goodbye at each visit.

Shannon Bernard

Dr. Ali 

THANK YOU Dr. Ali!  I feel very relaxed and energized!  Your treatment has made a big difference in my life!  Thank you! 


I am 26 yrs old and running my own business.  After a full year of sitting in a chair and plugging away at becoming successful, my back was completely shot!

My career was finally exactly where I wanted it to be but because of my pain, I couldn't keep up with my workload and when I did, it was excruciating. 

After just a few weeks of visiting Dr. Ali, I'm back at my feet and thriving at work! Thanks Dr. Ali!


(Dialogue with a shoulder patient)

Q. Which side is the pain?

A.  I think right side but now i forgot because it is much better! (after 4 treatments)

Dr. Ali is a miracle worker.  I hurt my knee the night before I opened "Cats".  With no understudies, healing quickly is imperative.  With Dr. Ali's help, I was back in the show before you could say "catnip"!  

Thanks, Christy Adamson

My asthma, shoulder pain and back pain are now much better thanks to acupuncture and chiropractic treatment from Dr. Ali.  

Many thanks, Anne 

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